• Heart Rate

    View your live heart rate and average sleeping heart rate with beat-for-beat accuracy.

  • Breathing

    RemWave uses respiration to help identify sleep stages and determine the quality of your sleep. 

  • Presence & Motion

    RemWave knows when you are there and tracks subtle movements to see how restful you are during sleep.

RemWave Sleep app

Easily manage your personal and family sleep wellness with the RemWave Sleep app. See real-time presence detection and heart rate. Get a deeper understanding of your sleep balance, sleep stages, and sleep timing.

  • Sleep Balance Score

    Get an inside look at the factors influencing your sleep quality each night.

  • Sleep Stages

    See your journey through the night and when you entered REM, light, and deep sleep.

  • Sleep Timing

    See how long it took to fall asleep, howling you were asleep for, and your restful vs restless sleep.