About BioFi


Hi, I'm Seth!

We've been working on our patented BioFi technology for the past six years developing vital sign and presence detection. BioFi is the combination of machine learning, proprietary algorithms, custom hardware, and software to provide an accurate, non-contact solution for live heart rate, respiration, and detailed sleep analysis. BioFi can see your heart rate and respiration without touching you, and without even seeing you (through hard surfaces)! Through our development of BioFi we have built several product prototypes that have led us to create the RemWave Sleep sensor.

We founded our company with the purpose of preventing unnecessary tragedy and making life better and safer. Our story began in the summer of 2016 when a few infant hot car deaths occurred in a short span of time. 

The realization that these should have been prevented put us into action and gave birth to the vision of a technology, BioFi technology, that would ultimately be able to detect and monitor signs of life without any touch. We named our company for this purpose. Praesidium is a Latin term meaning to guard, help and protect. 

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